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7 reasons why Robotic Surgery is the best for radical prostatectomy

Radical Prostatectomy

Robotic Surgery has numerous advantages in the surgery of Prostate Cancer. Here are the 7 most common ones:

Less Loss of Blood: In robotic radical prostatectomy surgery, the abdomen is inflated with gas. This gas pressure leads to a significant reduction in bleeding. The gas is discharged from the abdomen at the end of the operation. Moreover, bleeding can be more clearly detected and stopped earlier with the use of 3-D high definition cameras that can magnify the operation area. There is generally no need for blood transfusions.
Shorter Hospitalization Periods: Since robotic surgery involves smaller incisions and much less loss of blood, patients are discharged from hospital earlier than when compared with open surgery operations.
Shorter Catheter Period: Since robotic prostatectomy surgery enables waterproof stitching together of the urinary bladder and urinary tract (anastomosis), the catheter can be removed within 6-7 days.
Less Pain: Because of the smaller surgical incisions, patients experience less pain and discomfort compared to open surgery procedures.
Improved Cancer Control: With the aid of 3-D high definition images and instruments that can move in 7 degrees, the prostate tissue can be more clearly observed during the robotic prostatectomy procedure. In robotic surgery the prostate apical region can be seen much more clearly and operated on much more precisely. As a result, surgical margin positivities are significantly reduced.
Improved Bladder Control: Bladder control is regained earlier in robotic prostatectomy patients when compared to those who have undergone traditional surgery. Factors that help to achieve earlier bladder control include better imagery, less bleeding and the retention of a longer urethra.
An Earlier Return to Normal Sex Life: Robotic prostatectomy facilitates the protection of the neurovascular bundle around the prostate and allows patients to return to a normal sex life earlier than is the case with traditional surgery.

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