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Prevent Hair Loss During Fight With Cancer

Thanks to special caps used in Liv Hospital, you are given a chance to reduce hair loss from chemotherapy.
These caps;
1. It causes blood vessels in the scalp to shrink, thanks to its cooling system, therefore it reduces the amount of drug, which reaches to roots of hair.
2. When the scalp is cooled down, hair follicles absorb less of the drugs, this, as a consequence, means that the concentration of the drug can be reduced.
3. Cooling down the scalp may decrease the efficacy of the drug and therefore reduces its interaction with roots of hair.
These mechanisms reduces the effect of cytotoxic drugs on hair follicles and accordingly the hair loss.
The treatment, which will be given using DigniCap™ system, is carried out while the drugs to treat the cancer are being administered to body. The temperature of the scalp is monitored and cooling is adjusted accordingly.
The patient wears a cooling silicone cap. Coolant circulates through channels in the silicone cap, thanks to air conditioning unit system of DigniCap™.
In case hair loss
Maintaining scalp cooling treatment, even in case of excessive hair loss or bald areas, can be effective in ensuring re-growth during advancing chemotherapy cycles. Most of the patients, who initially experienced hair loss, then have normal hair growth following the scalp cooling treatment.