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Molecular Oncology Conference

At the conference, information was shared on BRCA & prognostic molecular testing for breast cancer.
On 15th November, Liv Hospital hosted a Molecular Oncology Conference on “Molecular Oncology in Personalized Treatment”. The morning session covered the BRCA gene test that uses DNA analysis to identify patients with mutations in the BRCA breast cancer susceptibility genes, who face a much higher risk of developing breast cancer. The session was addressed by Professors Handan Kaya, Nil Molinas Mandel, Gül Başaran, Dr. Meltem Topalgökçeli Selam, and Ass. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ajlan Atasoy under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Faruk Aykan. Dr. Atasoy addressed the conference on prognostic molecular testing for breast cancer. Professors Faruk Aykan, Ümit İnce, Şuayip Yalçın and Gökhan Demir lead participation in the conference’s second session.

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