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Liv Hospital & Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cooperation

Prof. Dr. Oktar Asoğlu chaired the inaugural symposium organized within the scope of Liv Hospital’s collaboration with the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), during which doctors were briefed on ‘Personalized Approaches to Colorectal Cancer Patients’.
Comıng together for the second time for their joint ‘Current Surgical Approaches to Thyroid Cancer and Individual Treatment Approaches to Breast Cancer Symposium’, Liv Hospital and world-famous cancer center MSKCC gathered together doctors from Turkey and around the world. The public session held was an opportunity for members of the public to benefit from a Q&A session. The doctors-only sessions considered diagnostic, treatment and surgical methods in breast and thyroid cancer cases.
A total of 143 doctors registered for the symposium, 107 from Turkey and 36 from abroad. Amongst the topics up for discussion at the ‘Current Surgical Approaches to Thyroid Cancer’ session were the development of thyroid cancer treatments, current approaches to lateral neck procedures, ways to prevent complications in primary and secondary thyroid cancer surgical interventions and the contribution of nerve monitorization, post-operative treatment methods in differentiated thyroid cancer cases, approaches to the treatment of recurrences of thyroid cancer in the neck, and the contribution of new targeted agents to treatment. MSKCC’s Dr. Ashok R. Shaha shared his knowledge on the latest developments in breast cancer treatment and new methods of treatment. At the session on ‘Personalized Treatment Approaches in Breast Cancer Cases’, MSKCC’s Breast Surgeon Dr. Hiram S. Cody shared the latest developments in breast cancer and new therapies with his colleagues. The main issues discussed included quality assurance in breast cancer screening and healthcare services, current applications in breast cancer screening, early treatment of breast cancer, local breast cancer treatment, post-mastectomy radiation therapy and breast reconstruction, and the treatment of metastatic breast cancer.  

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