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Advanced Cardiovascular Solutions

Another ‘First’ in Turkey… Google Glass technology gives a Turkish doctor’s bird’s eye view to a colleague in Japan …
The most noteworthy aspect of the symposium held at Bilgi University on 13th December was a live “difficult coronary vessel stenting” case. Google Glass technology was employed for the first time in Turkey in such a context. The conference was attended by 170 participants from throughout Turkey as well as 40 cardiologists from abroad. The ACS (Advanced Cardiovascular Solutions) Symposium’s main sponsor was TİKA (the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency), noted for its remarkable work in representing Turkey at international forums. TİKA scored a major success in sponsoring the ACS symposium, which drew such significant attendance from physicians from around the world. The ACS 2014 Symposium attracted 36 cardiovascular surgeons and specialists from ten countries – Kosovo, Albania, Georgia, Yemen, Macedonia, Sudan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan and Moldova. Performed at Liv Hospital, the live case was transmitted directly to cardiology doctors in Japan and to observers at the conference hall in Istanbul by means of Google Glass technology attached to glasses worn by Liv Hospital Cardiology Specialist Associate Professor Dr. Alp Burak Çatakoğlu, while simultaneous medical consultation was provided – from Japan. Thanks to this tele-medicine application of Google Glass, a doctor at a remote location had exactly the same view as the doctor carrying out the procedure. The procedure was watched live by symposium observers as well as the doctors in Japan.
Live Insertion of a Soluble Stent 
During the ACS 2014 Symposium’s all-day scientific session at Bilgi University, Liv Hospital Cardiology Specialist Associate Professor Dr. Alp Burak Çatakoğlu performed the soluble stent insertion procedure at Liv Hospital Ulus wearing Google Glass technology during a live broadcast between 13.30 and 15.00.   
A Tele-Medicine Application for Google Glass
The difficult live case procedure was carried out at Liv Hospital by Cardiology Specialist Associate Professor Dr. Alp Burak Çatakoğlu, accompanied by colleagues from Hungary. The procedure was broadcast on a direct live link to Japan. Google Glass technology with the capacity to obtain and record HD video and still images was used; internet connectivity means that images shot with Google Glass can be transmitted anywhere in the world. This feature makes the technology eminently adaptable to tele-medicine applications. The symposium witnessed exactly such an application.
A Four-Session Symposium
The first session was devoted to interventional cardiology. Techniques, new medications and devices used in cases of obstructive clots in patients with vascular infarction were discussed during the session. Various imaging methods used in coronary artery angioma cases were considered during the second session. Technical details in bifurcation stenting constituted the topic of the third session, following the Google Glass-accompanied procedure. The fourth session was devoted to new perspectives on aortic and mitral valve treatments.     
In Collaboration with the Turkish Cardiology Association
The Advanced Cardiovascular Solution 2014 Symposium organized jointly by Liv Hospital and the Turkish Cardiology Association examined a wide variety of issues including soluble stents, mitral valve repair, aortic valves and arrhythmia.
The ACS 2014 Symposium was held at sessions that were open to the public at Liv Hospital on 12th December, and on Saturday 13th December at Bilgi University’s Santral Istanbul Campus. 
International Participation
The program ran from 08.45 to 18.00, gathering together prominent cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons from Turkey and abroad in 4 separate all-day sessions that incorporated 21 interactive presentations and 2 live cases. The symposium was addressed by a total of 34 guest speakers.

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