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Liv Hospital develops with the satisfaction of the patients and aims to pioneer reliable and quality healthcare services by combining the guest-focused approach, experienced physician team and multidisciplinary work. As Liv Hospital, aiming simultaneous utilization of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods, our target is "your health".


There are many reasons to choose Truebeam for radiotherapy. This technology gives our doctors the tools to treat many different types of cancers.


One of the biggest scientific discoveries in recent years, produces ‘Extraordinary’ results in Cancer patients. Efficacy rates normally considered to be “unprecedented in medicine.” the technique is considered a new era for cancer treatment.

Nuclear Medicine

We have package programs for PET-CT, Radioactive Iodine Treatment, Samarium 153 Treatment, Ytrium-90 Microcure Treatment.

Other Services

From all types of advanced cancer surgery to Bone Marrow Transplantation, LIV Cancer Center offers world-class treatment options.

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We are doing our best to improve our success against cancer and to help our patients beat it. Here are some news from our world:

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What patients say about LIV Cancer Center

We are proud of how we change lives and how people talk about those changes:

  • ilir-hoti-photo2

    At the end of this May I was diagnosed with rectum tumour. It was a very dramatic news for me. I lost two days to find out the phone number of Professor Oktar Asoglu thereafter I called him to get an advice for my situation. His warm promptness to meet me immediately impressed me with optimism and after 45 minutes we met in the Liv Hospital. Dr. Oktar introduced me the hospital’s top qualifided staff and his scientific researchs and achivements in the areas closely related with my diagnose. I was operated the next day. Most of top staff members, including General Manager Mrs. Meri, supervisory staff members and others have visited us in the room to take care about our concerns and necessities and to ask us what we need for better. Liv Hosptial is an organic interrelation where the high technology, research and patient service is very consistent with the pinnacle of very professional doctors, with the high discipline of management and with the patient satisfaction rather the ‘customer satisfaction’. I hope our testimonials will serve to the need of existing and potential patients. Thanks a lot and God bless you Dr. Oktar!

  • Christopher-Podger

    Admission excellent. Seen quickly by the speacialist and placed in ICU, treatment well supervised, surgeon excellent, explained everything carefully. Operation perfectly carried out, follow-up by medical staff very caring and helpful. My wife was well cared for. Thank you for the excellent care.

  • Onofrio-De-Luca

    Mi chiamo Onofrio De Luca oggi sono venuto all'ospedale Liv per delle visite cardiache e ho ricevuto uno bouna accoglienza da tutto lo staff medico. Vorrei ringraziare il traduttore e lo staff amministrativo e lo staff medico. Garzie a tutti...

  • Shute-Leslie-N

    I have been very pleased with the hospital and the treatment and attention both my wife and myself have received. The staff have been friendly and helpful and try to provide care and show interest in our situation. Cleanliness is obviously a high priority within the hospital and the equipment used within the hospital appears to be very modern and high standard. The medical team have appeared to us to be exceptionally well qualified. Recommend Liv Hospital to any who find themselves in a situation like we have faced. Thank you all...

  • Baccini-Gabriella

    Sono Baccini Gabriella d'italia, per nostra sfortuna siamo in questa sfortuna ospedaliero causo caduto. Pero nonostante la sfortuna devo, dire che abbiamo trovato una accoglienza brava che ci ho fatto sentire nuova la contentezza de casa. Grazie a tutti...

  • author-22

    "I entrusted myself to LIV's team for my stomach cancer. I have complete trust in Professor Asoglu and his team. I panicked when I first found out about my disease but now I have hope."

  • author-11

    All other centers told me how good they are, but LIV Hospital showed me hundreds of lives they saved from Colorectal Cancer. That’s why I trusted Professor Asoglu and his team. Now I have much higher hope and courage, which make me feel confident.